How to lower your insurance premiums

We all know how tedious and painfully long when it comes to shopping round for your insurance renewals. Some may just accept the automatic renewals from current insurers, although this is unlikely to be cheap!

Here are some tips to lower your insurance!

Use price comparison websites

It pays to use these websites as these websites receive commission from insurers for bringing in new business. It’s wise to use a few and not just one.

Always switch insurers each year

Insurers will always try their luck and auto-renew or send in a quote that’s higher than your previous year.

If you’re a young driver, consider a smart black box

Telemetrics can be a good way to lower insurance premiums especially for younger drivers. It’s worth noting that you can be penalised for driving at night and your style of driving.

Pay annually

You can sometimes receive a small discount for paying annually instead of monthly. This is not always possible, but if you can this can be a good way to lower premiums.

Your occupation

If you job title isn’t directly listed, it’s worth trying some similar job titles. Please ensure information is as accurate as possible.

Named drivers

It could be worth adding a parent to your insurance – always check for permission before hand.

Protect your no claims-bonus

If you have accumulated over a year, it may be worth having this protected. It’s also worth shopping around as some insurers may not reduce your no-claims bonus for some claims such as vandalism.

Increase your voluntary excess

By sometimes increasing your excess by £50 or more you can sometimes lower premiums. This is because if a claim is made, you agree to pay more towards the repair.

Keep your vehicle safe during the day and night

Sounds obvious, but keeping your car away from your home during the night can increase premiums. If your car is kept in a garage or a secure car-park, this can lower premiums by insurers as theft is less likely to occur.

It’s also worth fitting Thatcham approved alarm systems to your vehicle. Modern cars often come with intelligent alarm systems, but if your vehicle is used, it is worth checking if a system has been retrofitted.

Use a dash cam

This is possible with all insurers, but it’s certainly worth shopping around for those that may offer a discount. The discount is as it can be used as vital evidence when it comes to deciding who is to blame. It also reduces risk to road users who make false claims.


As a reminder, it’s important to provide accurate information to insurers. Failure to do so may invalidate policies.